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    Le Véritable Cherbourg
    22, quai Alexandre III
    50100 Cherbourg
    Tél. : +33 2 33 93 66 60

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    Parapactum : the first dome of multidirectional protection with instant deployment.

    Parapactum has no equivalent in the world
    It is the high tech of the moment, conceived like a high performance sailing ship.
    If the materials that make its composition and its architecture show unfailing strength,  the parapactum hides its power with finesse in the elegance of its lines, thus keeping the standard of Le Veritable Cherbourg's label.

    This umbrella is much more than just an umbrella
    Its mast and its ribs'arches, which offer great toughness, as well as its tripple layer (rather wraparound) canopy, make it the most performing auxiliary ever designed for close protection.
    ParaPactum is a real shield which allows one to hide as well as to avoid or protect from blunt thrown objects, and keep distance from agressions.

    Le Véritable Cherbourg, for the past 25 years has been creating umbrellas, and for the past 15 years has been producing in its own workshop upmarket umbrellas, reaching the tip of innovation.
    The label easily inserts itself in the world of luxury where it is acknowledged for its reliable and creative products. It is established in Cherbourg, in the Cotentin region, where numerous high tech firms are working for excellence.

    Tests of ultimate stress
     : in wind tunnels ; against dogs weighing 55lb (25kg) and hitting it at 21,7 m/h (35 km/h) ; with a variety of blunt objects thrown at it with full power ; and with further tests with other means of pressure : all of these have proved that Parapactum is fulfilling its mission even beyond its yield point.
    Parapactum has been recognized by the ASC (Association Sportive et Culturelle) as a deployable device for protection.

    Parapactum is being produced one at a time
    ,. It is composed of 176 parts, with several engravings which are dated and numbered. The extreme care while making it reveals itself with each detail. of which the workshop ensures after sales service and maintenance.

    Mast : 3,28 ft or 100 cm.
    Wingspan : 4,27 ft or 130 cm.
    Weight : 4,91 lb or 2,225 kg.

    Passed strength tests against more than 220,46 lb  or 100 kg of pressure.
    Passed resistance test against 104,40 m/h or 168 km/h front winds.
    Canopy : 8 polycotton flaps, 22 plain colour choices,
    Special daubing on the inside, water repellent coating on the outside,

    Oversewn tear proof seams, triple peripherial hem, plus one more rolled up as back-up, Wide stitched strap and velcro fastening.

    Embroidery stitched directly onto the fabric : the label's blason with Cherbourg's Coat of arms :
    or else : other personalized embroidery, also stitched on the outside.

    The Parapactum's own logo is embroidered on the inside.
    Carbon steel mast.
    Twisted Hornbeam handle out of wood from the Jura region, silver ring ;
    or 'canon de fusil' (rifle barrel-anthracite grey) finish.
    The handle has been specially processed with a slip proof coating.

    Fruit of a 30 years' technological innovations, Parapactum has been patented.

    The  successful realization of this creation has needed long and tenaceous research, numerous prototypes as well as strict tests, personally made or directed by Jean-Pierre and Charles Yvon at the manufacture's site as well as in specialized test centers.


    Last touch at the  Veritable Cherbourg 's  Workshop.

    Parapactum at the 'Institut Aérotechnique' 's wind tunnel test.



    Parapactum for President Sarkozy by BFMTV